Saturday, February 11, 2017

Getting back to glass...


I've been MIA for a long while.  Mostly due to illness, new jobs, modded minecraft, and moving.  I have to get my glass studio set back up again, but that will be a few weeks.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

New project

I'm working on a new project: Beads for charities!

We're doing videos on YouTube of gaming and such, and any proceeds go to charity. Now I'm thinking of ways to sell beads and donate to charity.

More later!

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Today's ID beads

These are small beads I make to identify holders for the glass rods. The top is with the flash, the bottom without. Leftmost is the black metallic.

Friday, April 1, 2016

New glass in

My new shipment of COE 104 Effetre is in!  Lovely colors

Left to right: Pea Green pastel, Medium Grass Green transparent, Sea Green transparent, Light Aquamarine transparent, Medium Blue pastel, Medium Blue transparent, Blue pastel, Lavendar Blue Light pastel, Light Amethyst transparent, Purple Red special, Wine Red, Light Red, Apricot Orange, Light Lemon, Black Metallic Premium.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Spring has sprung and with it, warmer weather. And, with that, torch work! I've some glass on order and should be over this dratted cold soon, enough to get back out to the glass room. In the meantime, I've already read through the Contemporary Lampworking books and they are awesome!

Working out has been put on hold, even with the lovely equipment I've inherited. The cold I managed to land was horrific last weekend. Allergies and a lot of dust we kicked  up the previous weekend cleaning up the side of the house didn't help ward it off.

Also in the meantime, I've been focusing on gaming.  Mostly, I've been watching Jesse Cox play Overwatch (beta), which rolls out in May, and generally learning about the game. I can't wait until it comes out!  Heroes of the Storm has been fun, but this one looks really awesome. Pre-orders are on Blizzard (the folks who brought you World of Warcraft, et al).  Open beta in early May!

And, as a side note, I really think people should stop whining about Tracer's butt and not making the Beta cut. The former is a non-issue, imho, and the latter, hey, not everyone can get in. That's life. No, I am not in the Beta. Wish I was, but I'm not. So be it. I don't think it's favoritism, but I do think that inviting those who are high profile is a good thing. And, those whom Blizzard knows to be good players and can give good reviews. They would know what to look for and give cohesive and intelligent feedback.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Progress more slowly


No, I've not been in the glass room since Flame test 3 as I've developed a very bad cold and have been down. No, the Flame test beads are not available - I sent them to my mom. Sorry. More beads later.

The good news is that I finally got my Contemporary Lampwork books in and have been reading those - and they are AWESOME - interspersed with playing Heroes of the Storm on the new game computer. So much info on lampworking in general, not just beadmaking. Perfect for infoholics like me.

HotS: The problem is trying to decide which character to play next. Murky? Sgt. Hammer? I do alright with Raynor but dang if I can get Sonya to move when I tell her to. I was useless with Li Li. I need so much more practice!

Hopefully, this cold will end soon and I can get back to the torch, as well as the gym and the game room (my three forms of therapy). More glass is in order and hopefully, on order soon. I have some ideas off the beaten path.


I'm wondering how long it would take me to do a Murky in glass...

One of my fav t-shirts; from Jesse Cox